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Music, Mindset & Meditation

Music has always had a deeply profound effect on me. Since I was as young as I can remember. It moved me to tears, to chills, to dance, to act, to joy, to truth, and to sing. And being an only child who moved around constantly to different cities and schools, and felt alone quite often, music made me feel like I had an infallible companion who understood me and filled my soul no matter where I was. I would sing along with all of these companions without even thinking about it. I was magnetically drawn to music and singing. So I can't really remember exactly when the moment came that I decided I wanted to pursue singing seriously, it was just always something I did. Like it was a natural part of me. An unconscious extension of me. And so I found myself on the journey of being a musician and singer before ever really formally deciding to be.   And while there is something palpably transformative about diving deeply into a piece of music and letting it consume you, there is absolutely

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