I miss you so much

On Mother's Day...

I miss you soooo much. And I'm haunted by all the things we planned that we never got to do...Go to New Orleans together, go to Italy together so you could finally use the passport that you were so excited to get, have our mother/daughter farmer's market/vegan cooking day, do that show that would combine my music and your beautiful art, have drinks in that high-rise that overlooks the beautiful city lights, spend the night at Safari West, take a long road trip and let the wind blow us where it may...and I'm aching to take you to lunch today at our favorite restaurant by the sea and have champagne and laugh.

You are my soul, my heart, my rock, my anchor, and my truth. I miss you everyday.


  1. Your letter to your mom reminds me to treasure "The Present". It is truly a gift. Hello from 2019.Mary :)


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